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What if your organization could...

  • Break all financial goals for fundraising.

  • Provide a unique format for a golf tournament.

  • Engage amateurs, Pro PGA players, sponsors & spectators to participate with a 100%  commitment  & enthusiasm. 

  • Excite Social & traditional media to promote your event for that much needed BUZZ.

  • Create a VIRAL video that would increase exposure of your facility & type of membership.​

What if: About

What's MISSING in traditional fund raising event...

  • Uniqueness its always "the same & the same" usually a "variation on a theme".

  • Monies raised are usually a disappointment

  • A Social Buzz through out the community 

  • Attracting the named PGA Pro's to participate in your event.

  • Anticipation for the next fun raising event.

  • A real connection from all members, Pro's, volunteers & spectators.

  • Where everyone is more than willing to "go the extra mile ".

What if: About
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