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Organization have the possibility to be a part of a new concept in sponsorship. 
It's a fun sponsoring game, where a golfer on the practice range can Win, one time a month, exiting gifts from the local sponsors. 
This way, the Golfers will be more engaged and have a contact with the sponsor.

Golf Balls

If a Golden Ball will appear in the golfers basket, that means they have WON ! 

They can collect their winning coupon at the reception and Go ahead to the sponsor and get the present. 

It can be anything! 

A Cinema ticket, a wine basket, a SPA treatment, a grocery store, a haircut, 

based on the Sponsor in your local area. 

Sponsors can get a various membership packages, based on their capacity. 

Contact us to hear more. 

Golf Ball Basket
Sponsors: Past Events
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